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Hand Therapy Lake City, Florence, Columbia & Camden, SC

Hand Therapy

Hand therapy is a specialized area of occupational therapy. It focuses on treating orthopedic upper-extremity issues to optimize the functional use of the arm and hand. Typical conditions that affect the hand are lacerations, amputations, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, fractures and rheumatoid arthritis. In general, it focuses on the biomechanical issues of upper-extremity conditions. It’s a patient-centered approach that addresses the needs of the patient, such as being able to lift things, open a jar, or button a shirt.

Hand therapy interventions by an occupational therapist may include therapeutic exercises, mirror therapy, orthosis design, pain management, manual therapy, taping, and ergonomics. Activities for a hand injury with an occupational therapist may include working with putty, using a gripper and using dumbbells.

The benefits of hand therapy are many:

  •  Preventative, non-operative or conservative treatment
  •  Management of acute or chronic pain
  •  Desensitization following nerve injury or trauma
  •  Sensory re-education after nerve injury
  •  Design and implementation of home exercise programs to increase motion, dexterity, and/or strength
  •  Customized splint fabrication for prevention or correction of injury
  •  Training in the performance of daily life skills through adapted methods and equipment
  •  Conditioning prior to returning to work

Physical therapy for hands is indicative for the following conditions:

Manual Therapy is the therapy of choice for the treatment of the above conditions. In some cases, the physical therapist might fabricate splints to be used for correction or prevention of injury. Additionally, the patient receives training (hand therapy exercises) on how to perform daily activities and return to a productive lifestyle. For more information , Contact Us Today at Lake City, Florence, McColl & Camden, SC centers.