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Dance Performance Training Lake City, Florence, Columbia & Camden, SC

Dance Performance Training

Have you suffered through a performing arts-related injury in the past? Do you have a history of recurrent ankle sprains or hips or shoulders that pop painfully? Maybe you feel like your ability to perform “full-out” is not where it used to be or you just want to be able to jump a little higher… Because most injuries are chronic overuse injuries for performers, there are often a number of areas that can be addressed to prevent ongoing pain or predisposition to new injury. Our specialists will get you moving again in the right direction and address any mobility or stability impairments that might be present from a prior injury or overuse. Even if you’re not in pain at the moment, a thorough arts-specific screening assessment and movement performance program to improve your endurance, stamina, strength, and muscular power, will not only get you performing at your fullest potential and prevent future injury; it will guarantee your health and longevity throughout your performance career. For more information, Contact Us today at Lake City, Florence, McColl & Camden, SC Centers.