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I could not ride 20 miles without being in pain. Could not push a grocery cart, without taking pain meds for several days afterwards. Stayed at home, going out only when I had to. Couldn’t sit in church for 2 hours without pain. In fact, there were pain meds in me most of the time. Now, I can walk without pain. I don’t have to take pain meds when I wake up in the AM. I do most of my exercises when I wake up to get the stiffness out of my hips and lefts. The pain is very low now and I don’t have to take but 2 or 3 pain meds a week. I am 98% better now than I was when I started this therapy. Thanks to everyone here for your help in my therapy. You are welcome to use my info, because this is the place to come for help to get our bodies going again.