Our mission at ProMotion Rehab and Sports Medicine is to inspire and promote wellness through comprehensive rehabilitative, occupational therapy services and preventative physical therapy in Florence & Lake City, SC. Our physical therapists use an evidence-based approach, which blends our extensive clinical experience with research-backed treatments to obtain the best possible outcomes for our patients. We also know that a prevention-based approach to your health is the best way to combat injuries and chronic disease before they occur.

Healing Through Motion: At ProMotion, our physical therapists know that many neuromusculoskeletal problems and pain can be solved through movement. We are here to help you improve your movement experience, thereby improving your human experience. That is why our motto is “Move Better. Live Better. Play Better.”

High-Quality Care: Our physical therapists are committed to providing our communities with the highest quality of care, emphasizing patient experience, research, education and clinical outcomes. We use an evidence-based approach to guide our treatment decisions, which allows us to provide our patients with the most optimal rehab experience and outcomes.

Patient-Specific Individualized Care: We know that the rehab journey is important, but the destination is most important to you when you’ve been sidelined by an injury. We are committed to giving you our undivided attention, not only when you enter in our doors on your first visit, but at every visit after that, until you meet your goals.


    ProMotion Rehab and Sports Medicine helps patients in the Lake City and Florence area to achieve optimal health and mobility.

    Our Treatment includes Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Fitness services. We have helped numerous patients and look forward to working with you.


    Promotion Rehab and Sports Medicine, providing physical therapy in Lake City and Florence, SC, offers a broad range of physical therapy and occupational therapy services, sports medicine and dance medicine in addition to personal training and programs at our fitness center.



I call them “miracle workers!"

Through my therapist’s constant encouragement and wise use of exercises, stretches, pulleys, and ultrasound, my shoulder loosened and gently healed. Soon a trust relationship was built. After 10 years with whiplash, two knee surgeries and a left shoulder becoming frozen, ProMotion Rehab and Sports Medicine might call me “a frequent flyer,” but I call them “miracle workers.”

Jordan L.

An excellent choice for physical therapy!

I had a foot injury. The services provided were most effective. And, the facility is wonderful. I loved the exercises and the Physical therapists were gentle, kind, and thorough. The administrative staff are most professional and just plain nice!

Lisa H.

You feel welcome the moment you walk in.

ProMotion has a great team that gets results. Dr. Nancy Imbeau trained at Univ of Pittsburgh, one of the top-ranked PT programs in the US. She brings state of the art expertise to Florence and with her partner/husband, Andrew, has created a great clinic which makes you feel welcome the moment you walk in.

Tim K.

Nancy, Andrew, and Patrice are the ABSOLUTE BEST IN THE BUSINESS!!!!!!!

I have had lower back and leg pain for almost two years. The only thing that has given me any kind of relief is the therapy sessions I’ve had with Nancy at the Florence location.

Jennifer G.

My back and knees have not felt this good since I was a teenager

Nancy and the rest of her team are simply the BEST! They work wonders helping you with pain. My back and knees have not felt this good since I was a teenager! I highly recommend them for your physical therapy!

Frank J.

Nancy and her staff have taken my back pain from a 10/10 to a 2/10 in just a few weeks.

These guys are awesome! Everything from the front desk staff (Patrice!!!) to the overall layout and cleanliness of the facility was amazing! Nancy and her staff have taken my back pain from a 10/10 to a 2/10 in just a few weeks. I HIGHLY recommend ProMotion for your physical therapy.

Matt S.

I am on the path to running better than I have before.

Nancy really helped me with my knee problems that I had, at that point, been suffering from for more than 2 years. Thanks to her I am on the path to running better than I have before. The staff here are great people, they really care for their patients and actively try to get to

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  • Learn natural ways to stop sciatica pain, the most being physical therapy. Learn what you can do to start the path to recovery.

  • The sooner you address the root of your pain, the less risk for long- term damage to your spine.

  • Take care of your body with an exercise plan, walking/running techniques, and body mechanics for long- lasting results.


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