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Have you sustained a dance or performing arts-related injury that has made it painful for you to continue doing what you love? Our dance medicine specialists are skilled in assessing and treating injuries that are unique to dancers, performing artists and hypermobile athletes such as gymnasts, figure skaters, aerialists, or divers.

Several of our therapists were dancers, gymnasts, or performers themselves, and they understand the significance of missing time away from your sport or craft, particularly if it’s a large source of income for you, not to mention the mental toll it can take when you’re unable to perform the way you had hoped.

Our Columbia office is also equipped with a full-size dance and yoga studio that includes a sprung floor, ballet barre and mirrors. Why, you might ask? We feel that this is the best way to assess a dancer or performing artist – that is, in the type of movement space that is most familiar to them when they have to practice or perform their craft. Once rehab is close to completion, we can also use the space to program real-world dance combinations and movements that may have previously been provocative for their pain, as part of the dancer’s final return to sport plan.

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Common dancing and performing arts injuries

Dancers, gymnasts, aerial performers, and figure skaters require artistry and grace, in addition to unique athletic skills and qualities unlike those of most other sports activities in order to perform their craft well. Because of this, these athletes will often encounter unique injuries that require a different approach to treatment. Many will experience the majority of their injuries in the ankle/foot, hip, knee and low back, and these are most often the result of chronic overuse.

However, with the advent of more complex skill requirements in gymnastics and aerial arts as well as newer styles of dance, such as breaking, becoming more mainstream, dance injury to the upper body is becoming common as well. Are you rehearsing, practicing, or performing through pain right now? If so, one of our dance and performing arts medicine specialists can take you through a comprehensive rehab program to get you back in class and on-stage again, pain-free! For more information, Contact Us today at our Columbia, SC or Lake City, SC location.

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There are a variety of different types of injuries that can occur for a number of reasons when it comes to dancers. Those who practice a more upbeat, quicker style of dancing can be more susceptible to sudden injuries. In addition, fatigue plays a large role in all dance and performing arts or sporting activities and increased risk for injury.

Whatever style of dancing or performing yours may be, rest assured that a physical therapist at ProMotion Rehab and Sports Medicine will be able to help if you’ve been hurt!

How can dance and performing arts medicine physical therapy help me recover?

Our ProMotion Rehab and Sports Medicine therapists in Columbia and Lake City, SC recognize and appreciate how important being able to dance or perform is to our patients. Our ultimate goal for you is to help you get back to dance class, rehearsal and the stage without pain holding you back. Our Columbia, SC and Lake City, SC clinics offer a variety of therapeutic methods to help you recover from injury and resolve pain.

When you arrive for your initial consultation at ProMotion Rehab and Sports Medicine, your physical therapist will ask you a series of questions regarding the location of your injury, your symptoms, the frequency/severity of pain that you are experiencing, and take a deep dive into the type of dancing or training you need to return to and what specific dance movements are not possible right now because of your pain.

From there, your Columbia and Lake City, SC physical therapists will conduct a physical examination to determine your current limitations and create a treatment plan with you. Your plan will include a combination of manual therapy, pain-relieving modalities where indicated, as well as sport-specific exercises and stretches to help you regain your strength and heal the affected area as quickly as possible.

Your physical therapist can also assist with ensuring proper form and technique in our state-of-the-art dance studio with sprung floor, for your specific dance style(s), as well as helpful adjunctive warm-up/cool down or cross-training exercises to reduce the risk of injuries in the future.

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