Wellness, Nutrition, and Health Coaching Services

Wellness, Nutrition, and Health Coaching Services 

At ProMotion, we treat each of our patients with a whole person approach. We understand the impact that lifestyle has on overall health and the ability to heal. In medicine, we often spend too much time treating symptoms and not enough time addressing root causes. While we can skim the surface of many wellness areas during a typical PT or OT appointment, we find that sometimes a deeper dive is needed to uncover and counsel patients or clients on issues that may be contributing to a slower recovery or less than optimal quality of life. That’s why we have incorporated a more wholistic approach to your care through our newest offering of Health Coaching services with Rebekah Gele.

There are often many factors that play into your body’s ability to heal from an injury or chronic disease process that go beyond what you might do in a “standard” physical or occupational therapy session or even a solid workout at the gym. Sleep, stress, exercise tolerance, nutrition, and hydration all affect how you respond to your daily workload, both mentally and physically.

Our certified Health Coach can address many facets of your well-being through a comprehensive assessment of your current lifestyle and habits and develop a personalized plan with actionable steps and strategies to help you achieve your goals. Every individual is unique, and no single “recipe” works for each person to achieve those goals.  

Throughout the coaching process, you’ll be provided with ongoing support, encouragement and accountability to help you stay on track and overcome any obstacles that may arise. You’ll also be given resources to assist with making informed healthy choices and managing your health over a long period of time. This collaborative approach will empower you to take an active role in your own health and well-being.  

To sign up for an in-person or virtual assessment, please call our Columbia location at (803) 233-1366, and one of our dedicated team members will be happy to assist you.  


Initial Wellness Consultation: $125 

Our 60-minute Initial Wellness Consultation includes a comprehensive review of your complete health history, Customized Nutrition Guideline and Action Plan to meet your specific needs and goals! This is for first time clients and is available as an in-person session at our Columbia location OR as a virtual session from anywhere that’s convenient for you.  

Single Follow-up session: $75 

After Completing your Initial Wellness Consultation or a Wellness Package, Single Follow Up Sessions are available, to be used as needed on a timeline that works for you. We will discuss where you are currently in your health journey, and what to do moving forward. Sessions are typically 30-45 minutes. 

Wellness Package: $439 

Our Wellness Package offers a 12% discount from our single Consultation and Follow-up session pricing. The Wellness Package includes an Initial Wellness Consultation PLUS 5 Follow Up Sessions scheduled at your desired frequency! We will discuss your health concerns, prioritize your health goals, and together, we will discuss a game-plan to jump-start your path to wellness.