Snapping Hip

Snapping hip

Snapping hip syndrome, also known as “dancer’s hip”, is very common in dancers and other hypermobile (excessively mobile or flexible) athletes. Many dancers with this condition notice their hips even will make audible snapping noises when they stand up after being seated for a while, or bend over to pick something up. They can often reproduce the snapping sound on demand – knowing the exact type of movement that causes the snap to occur. There are three types of snapping hip conditions: internal extra-articular (outside the joint) snapping hip, external extra-articular snapping hip, and internal intra-articular (inside the joint) snapping hip. Extra-articular snapping hip is caused by tendons of the psoas muscle or IT Band rolling over a bony prominence and often develops over time, while internal snapping hip can be caused due to a specific injury. Many dancers who have snapping hip never experience pain, but for those who do, physical therapy with a dance medicine specialist is one of the most effective options for addressing the underlying cause of the pain.