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Physical Therapist In Camden SC

At ProMotion, we provide outpatient sports medical therapy in Camden. South Carolina and the surrounding towns. Regardless of where you go, you'll find sports medical therapy experts who are dedicated to bringing you back to the life you love.

About ProMotion

ProMotion Rehab and Sports Medicine's aim is to inspire and encourage wellness by providing complete rehabilitative and preventative physical therapy and occupational therapy treatments.

With an unwavering commitment to family, our team, community, and education, we will be a regional leader and chosen provider of outpatient rehabilitation services.

We are dedicated to providing the finest quality of care to our communities, with a focus on patient experience, research, teaching, and clinical outcomes. We use an evidence-based approach to drive our treatment decisions, allowing us to provide the best rehab experience and outcomes for our patients.

We Offer the Following Treatment Services

Back Pain & Sciatica

Do you suffer from back or sciatica pain? You're not by yourself! According to the World Health Organization, up to 70% of us will have low back pain at some point in our lives. This pain can become chronic for many of us.

If you are one of the millions of Americans experiencing sciatica or low back pain, we invite you to schedule an initial physical therapy visit so that we can get to the bottom of your issue.

Neck Pain & Headaches

The neck is a delicate and intricate part of the body. As a result, neck pain might be severe. It can also be frightening and worrisome, especially if you have no idea what is causing the pain or when it will go away.

Neck pain can manifest itself in a variety of ways. It might be chronic or acute, intense or dull, but whatever the reason, all neck pain has one thing in common: it must be addressed fast.

Ignoring your neck pain might lead to issues with your injury and, in some cases, increased pain! The wise thing to do is to get assistance as soon as feasible.

Shoulder Pain

If you've ever experienced a shoulder injury, you know how painful and inconvenient it can be. Even basic tasks like pushing, pulling, and reaching can put tension on your shoulders.

If you experience shoulder pain, you should consult a physical therapist as soon as possible. Contact us today to set up an appointment with one of our physical therapists.

Pain not only disrupts daily tasks, but it may also suggest a more serious injury. A physical therapist can evaluate your shoulder and create a treatment plan that is personalized to your specific needs. It is vital to undergo adequate therapy as soon as possible to keep complete mobility.

Hip and Knee Pain

The knees and hips are the body's largest joints. Hip pain can manifest itself on the outside of the hip, the upper thigh, or the outer buttock. The discomfort might occur whether you are resting, walking, or doing any form of exercise.

A common issue among many people is knee pain. Its symptoms and indicators may encompass more than just discomfort. Swelling, stiffness, instability, painful popping, or the inability to fully straighten the knee may occur. Hip and knee discomfort can both be chronic and restricting.

Elbow Wrist & Hand Pain

When you think about it, we use our elbows, wrists, and hands for a variety of tasks throughout the day. Driving, preparing food, dressing, and other activities need the use of our elbows, wrists, and hands.

In reality, we rely on our upper extremities on a regular basis. When you have discomfort in your elbows, wrists, or hands, your daily function might become severely limited.

Foot and Ankle Pain

When your feet hurt, the rest of your body suffers. The foot may appear to be such a little component of your body that it should have little effect on how you feel overall, but this is not the case.

Your feet play an important role in your mobility. When every step causes pain, your entire day becomes a series of attempts to avoid greater suffering by minimizing movement.

Physical therapy can help you get back in motion after a foot injury without having to cope with continuing pain. Targeted exercises and stretching strategies can make a significant difference in the treatment of foot discomfort.

Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

Automobile accidents are the greatest cause of injury. In 2012, there were over 5 million motor vehicle accidents in the United States. An automobile accident can cause extensive harm. There have been fatalities as well as injuries.

An automobile accident injury might vary from person to person, but there are some that are typical.

  • Head injuries: Head traumas can include concussions, skull fractures, and vision problems. Following a concussion, you may experience headaches and dizziness.
  • Neck injuries: The most common accident injury is whiplash to the neck. Whiplash can be excruciatingly painful and limit movement. Whiplash can be caused by a rapid movement of the neck and head in a car accident.
  • Chest injuries: An automobile accident can also cause the lungs to collapse and ribs to crack.

Car accidents can indeed cause a wide range of injuries. Physical therapy treatment is recommended for a faster recovery.