Dancers, gymnasts, aerial performers, and figure skaters require artistry and grace, in addition to unique athletic skills and qualities unlike those of most other sports activities in order to perform their craft well. Because of this, these athletes will often encounter unique injuries that require a different approach to treatment. Many will experience the majority of their injuries in the ankle/foot, hip, knee and low back, and these are most often the result of chronic overuse.

However, with the advent of more complex skill requirements in gymnastics/aerial arts and newer styles of dance injury, such as breaking, becoming more mainstream, dance injury to the upper body is becoming common as well. Are you rehearsing, practicing, or performing through pain right now? If so, one of our performing arts medicine specialists can take you through a comprehensive rehab program to get you back in class and on-stage again, pain-free! For more information, Contact Us today at our Camden or Columbia, SC location.

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