Injury Prevention

While general fitness activities are a great way to stay healthy over a lifetime, a traditional gym or walking routine may not always address areas of impairment that can predispose someone to injury. Using a movement-based screening tool that’s been backed by research, we can find deficits in both mobility and stability which may ultimately lead to injury if activity continues while those deficits are present. It’s also helpful in screening for pain anywhere before you begin an exercise routine. Once your baseline score is calculated, a program is customized to your individual impairments to correct those deficits and reduce any pain that may be found by addressing mobility issues, followed by stability issues through the use of corrective exercises. Many of these exercises can be done in your home or at the gym, so it may only require one or two visits to get you going on an appropriate program that you can work into your regular fitness routine. Once you’ve moved through a progression of exercises over a few weeks, a reassessment is performed to determine which areas have improved and which ones may still require some attention. For more information, Contact Us today at one of our Lake City, Florence & Camden, SC Centers.