5 Movements to Prevent Low Back Pain in Climbers

June 21st, 2024

Imagine working on your project and right in the middle of the crux, ZING! your back spasms and you come off the wall. In frustration, you try a quick stretch before another go at the problem. But your back just stays tight as you end your session in defeat.

The below FIVE movements incorporate strength and mobility to help prevent the above scenario from becoming a reality. Perform once to twice per week for best results.

1. Bridges: 2x 10-20 reps

     a. Beginner: Lay on your back. Stabilize your core and squeeze your glutes to lift your hips from the floor. Don’t arch your back

     b. Advanced: Lay on your back and lift one leg in the air. Stabilize your core and squeeze your glutes to lift your hips from the floor. Keep hips level throughout.

2. SL Deadlift: 2x 12-20 reps

       a. Stand on one leg, start to bend at the waist, reaching your hips back, while your knee begins to bend. Don’t round your back. Go as low as you can with good form. Return to standing by engaging your glutes and maintaining your core tension.

3. Side plank: Hold 3x 10-60 seconds

     a. Beginner: start on forearm and knees.

     b. Progression: Forearm -> Hands and Knees -> Feet

     c. Copenhagen: support yourself with the inside of the top leg

4. Lat stretch: Hold 3x20-30 seconds

     a. At the wall/doorway, reach your arm above your opposite shoulder. You should feel a GENTLE stretch in arm pit area on the reaching arm.

5. Hip flexor stretch: Hold 3x20-30 seconds

      a. Half kneeling or standing. GENTLY press the front of your hip forward that you are trying to stretch. Keep core in neutral, don’t arch your back. 

If you or a fellow climber are experiencing pain hindering you from climbing, we would love to work with you! Our team of clinicians at ProMotion is trained to work with climbers of all backgrounds and abilities. We aim to keep you moving and physically active by continuing to engage in the activities that bring you joy.

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